Laser Hair Removal Overview and FAQs

Save yourself the monotonous routine of shaving, plucking or (bless your heart) waxing!

Laser hair removal can safely eliminate unwanted hair from almost any part of your body.

Then you can kick back for months on end without the usual grooming process.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Dermatologist can treat a number of areas. But larger area provide the best results.

Back hair and spotty shoulder fluff? Gone.

Chest, bikini area and around the neck? Done.

And no more shaving the beard scruff around the lip and chin. Underarms are another popular area to have done.

How Does It Work?

A board-certified dermatologist uses a laser to vaporize the hair from the targeted area.

The laser destroys the follicle at its root—like chopping a tree down well below the stump.

The treatment can take up to an hour for large area but the upper lip will be done in a couple minutes.

Any Downtime?

Patients will notice some redness and swelling but they return to work and their normal lives without the least bit of problems.

There is always a chance for blistering, discoloring or scarring so be sure to do everything your doctor says in preparation for the laser treatment.

This usually includes staying away from the tanning bed and everyday application of sunscreen.

How Long Are the Results?

Some patients are lucky enough to be free of their unwanted hair for years. But more likely it will take two-to-six treatments, every four-or-six weeks.

Though the hair that does happen to return, is finer and less noticeable.

Does Hair Color Matter?

The less of a contrast between light-color hair and light skin does require more precision from the dermatologist.

But the industry advancement has been exceptional and is available to anybody unlike the past where it was reserved for those of very dark hair and light skin.

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